Where Can I Use My Hand Sanitiser Unit?

Nursing & Healthcare

Whether you work in an NHS location or a private healthcare setting, the importance of regular hand sanitisation is paramount. A DD2500 in our mandatory NHS health and safety colour scheme is the perfect addition to any hospital ward or residential home.

Industrial & Factory

Owners and managers of businesses in the industrial and factory sectors have many staff who have hand hygiene needs throughout the day and night. With a DNES hand sanitiser units, you can have an additional line of protection for all of your staff.

Retail & Commercial

Retail and commercial properties rely on a steady stream of customers to increase profits throughout the year. A stylish DNES sanitiser unit will inspire confidence in your clientele all day, every day.

Schools & Childcare

Children’s and toddlers’ hands are hard to keep clean at the best of times. At DNES Sanitisers, we have thought of little ones’ needs and designed a child-friendly model for tiniest of hands. Teach the importance of hand hygiene with the DD2000.

Further Education & Universities

Universities, colleges and post-primary schools have the responsibility of educating our next generation of professionals. To ensure your education setting has a professional outlook to hand sanitisation, look no further than DNES Sanitisers’ DD2500 and DD2500 wheelchair-friendly units.

Hospitality & Catering

The regular turnover of tables in a busy restaurant or handover of take away coffees in a bustling café is a necessity in any catering establishment. This is also vital in hotel or travel settings who welcome guests daily. To ensure your customers stay safe, why not order our sleek flagship sanitiser unit to keep hand hygiene a priority in the year ahead?

Client Base

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