DNES Sanitisers: Your Local Solution

DNES Sanitisers is a local provider of hand sanitisation and hygiene products, designed and developed by Islandmagee-based senior designer, David Neill.

David, the owner of DNES Sanitisers, realised the vital need for businesses to ensure they keep premises to the highest hygiene standards. Therefore, he set about designing the DD2500 and DD2000 hand sanitiser units to meet local companies' needs.

Considering businesses have individual needs, David recognised that his hand sanitiser units needed to be diverse. This means that the fully customisable sanitiser station family can be found right across Northern Ireland and the UK.

Join the long line of companies who trust DNES Sanitisers to be their local hand hygiene solution.

Passionate About Protecting Family Business

Local businesses are right at the heart of our communities. This means that consumers need to feel safe in the knowledge that all premises are Covid-safe. At DNES Sanitisers, we aim to provide an expert, knowledgeable service for family businesses of all shapes and sizes. By offering tailored quotations to meet your needs, you can be assured that you get the exact hand sanitiser unit you need. Our team is always at hand to offer advice and answer any questions about our sanitiser range.

What Makes DNES Sanitisers Stand Out From The Competition?

DNES Sanitisers design and distribute a range of hand sanitiser products that stand out from the competition. We believe that by providing industry-leading sanitiser units and gels, our clients avail of excellent hand hygiene and peace of mind.

Our company ethos is based around providing a convenient, reliable service with quality products that keep companies safe. For a consistent approach to hand sanitisation, contact DNES Sanitisers today.


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