The Benefits Of 316 Stainless Steel

Products made from 316 stainless steel have a superior build quality to those composed of lesser quality materials. At DNES Sanitisers, we only use high-grade 316 stainless steel to build our family of sanitiser stations. By choosing DNES, we can guarantee a product that lasts in any environment.

The Two Most Frequently Asked Questions

“Why is your sanitiser made from 316 Stainless Steel not 304 Stainless Steel?”

  • It has superior chemical resistance to that of 304 Stainless Steel.
  • The Stainless Steel has greater resistance to salt, as salt will comprise the protective oxide layer of grade 304 Stainless steel, resulting in rust.
  • It is more corrosion resistant than 304 Stainless Steel.
  • It can withstand caustic solutions and corrosive applications.
  • Ability to resist acid and chlorides, this makes 316 ideal for chemical processing and marine environments.
  • Reduces pitting from chemical environments.
  • Ideal for pharmaceutical and medical applications.
  • Built to last for years.

“What is the reason for having an internal canister?”

  • To prevent contamination of the sanitiser fluid from external sources, particularly if the unit is to be placed outside in our climate and exposed to our weather. It also helps prevent the alcohol from evaporating.
  • The internal canister is also made from heavy wall gauge stainless steel 316, helping to prevents corrosion, not only on the outside of the cannister but more importantly on the inside. It would be counterproductive to dispense hand sanitiser from a vessel which will over time become corroded.
  • The unit has been designed with a double shell therefore, if the exterior unit gets damaged or vandalised, the interior canister will remain intact, preventing any release of the potentially harmful alcohol-based sanitiser.
  • The internal stainless steel 316 cannister is capped both ends with an anti-friction chemical resistant plastic which not only contains the alcohol-based sanitiser but also acts as an anti-static insulator.
  • In the unlikely event that the internal cannister is ever damaged or becomes faulty it can be easily removed and replaced.
  • The unit gives a double safety measure to a potentially flammable substance.

Superior 316 Stainless Steel construction

Our sanitiser dispersers have an industry-leading 316 stainless steel body, offering a rust-resistant unit that lasts in indoor and outdoor environments.

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